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Rude behavior, inappropriate pictures, financial scams, rape and even murder make finding love online riskier than ever.

Identity confirmation through social doesn’t work because fake social accounts lead to fake dating accounts. Verimour uses a paid third party and legally recognized documents to verify you are always interacting with real people.

Audio and video profile options add another layer of confidence to your decisions.

We use standard Geo location and in-app date scheduling and check-in to suggest safe date locations, confirm arrival, and trigger an objective review feature.

Our aim at Verimour isn’t to force people into good behavior. Instead we allow the community to take the lead in policing rotten apples and retraining less enlightened members. There will always be bad behavior and therefore a use for the apps that allow it. However, to succeed at Verimour the current bad seeds will have to get nice or leave.

No fake profiles

Confidential identity verification

Customize your experience

Use only the features you want

Optional Audio and Video profiles

Multiple profiles

One for serious relationships, one for casual